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Establish your brand online in the Trust FX brokers’ market with the right behind-the-scenes partner. Trust FX’s robust service, proven marketing expertise and acclaimed customer support make it happen - fast.

Get a new vision of trading with our partnership.
Forex White Label partnership with Trust FX enables banks and brokers to satisfy their customers´ demand for online trading tools. Our trading solutions enable you to harness and develop already existing customer trading relationships and extract greater returns from them whilst streamlining internal trading operations and rendering them as efficient as possible.

Become a complete online trade provider or broker.
Add a new revenue building, cost reducing and exciting financial product to your bank´s name and provide as many or as few customers with cutting-edge, easy to use trading technology. Monitor and control all volumes, flows and trading operations easily and efficiently. The Forex White Label solution is 100% seamless and can be connected with any existing core banking system.

Low Risk/High Return
Trust FX’s revenue is volume based and allows for an extremely profitable revenue sharing model for the white label partner. No API integration means 100% of the risks are taken by Trust FX and not the white label permitting an extraordinary, no risk, profit scenario for banks and brokers choosing Trust FX’s White Label solution.

 Demo registrations
The white label partner will be able to get potential clients to register demo accounts. All the information provided by the customer during the demo registration will start a database of potential customers for online trading.

 Automated real time monitoring tools for dealing desk and back-office.
Trust FX’s online platforms are only the tip of the iceberg. Our Forex White Label product is meant for serious brokers and banks that look realistically at monitoring and controlling all trading operations. The Forex White Label offer includes separate monitoring platforms for dealers, back-office personnel and even sales people, with varied functionalities ranging from real-time monitoring of account balances, open positions and risk margins to single/multiple order placement, new account creation, credit/debit of balances and all types of back-office operations.

Back-office account set-up flexibility.
Trust FX’s White Label product is extremely flexible and can be customized to your needs. Back-office personnel can use the white label´s monitoring software to create new accounts with different spreads, margins and account currencies providing banks and brokers with a service which can be commercialized in an efficient manner. Back-office operations can either be relayed to Trust FX or dealt with directly by the white label partner and subsequently confirmed by Trust FX’s back-office.

Customer confidentiality.
End customers of partner banks and brokers remain anonymous to Trust FX.

White Label Clients:

Traditional financial services firms, seeking to move their FX trading operation online.
Established online brokers or trading firms, wanting to expand their product offering.
Firms offering Trust FX’s MetaTrader System, looking to complete their offering with trading capabilities.

Professional-grade trading tools for your clients.
Our world-renown MetaTrader trading system delivers real time pricing and high-quality executions, plus integrated charts, news, position management tools, and more. The rich, easy-to-use interface is currently available in several languages, and can easily be adapted to additional local markets. Simply add your logo for the quickest time-to-market, or further customize our trading platforms to your needs.
It's easy for partners to adjust account minimums and leverage, change dealing spreads on a per-currency basis, even switch to a commission-based model.

Maximize the potential of your customers.
As a white label partner, you can choose to adopt our best practices or establish your own. From customizable account minimums & leverage to adjustable dealing spreads on a per currency basis and more, you have the power to customize the solution to best suit your customers' needs. Plus, you can tap into our in-house marketing expertise to accelerate your learning curve about the retail FX market. We'll provide as little or as much assistance as you desire.

Start a long, healthy partnership with us.
We're invested in your success. We have the infrastructure, resources and know-how to get a new white label partner up and running in a matter of weeks, and an experienced team committed to delivering the highest level of services to all our business partners.