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 As a leading provider of electronic trading, Trust FX supports a worldwide network of Introducing Brokers, trading millions of dollars in Trust trading volume each month. We welcome the opportunity to help you expand your business and maximize the full potential of your brokers.

Introduce your clients to a global marketplace with the ability to trade currencies, on a flexible schedule, with access to a deep liquidity pool, flexibility and buying power are benefits investors of all experience levels find very attractive.

How to become an IB for Trust FX?
In order to become an Introducing Broker (IB) for Trust FX as an Introducing Broker (IB), a firm may establish a relationship with our company, with the aim of introducing new clients to us against payment of commission to the IB. As an IB, you will be responsible for maintaining customer relationships and servicing customer accounts.

As an IB you will be provided with:

 - The Trust FX online trading Platform.

- Your clients will be able to trade in any conditions from anywhere you have an internet connection 24 hour access generating increased volumes.

- Real time charts and account activity logs.

- Full technical and customer service support, either by email or telephone.

- Full training for you and/or your employees on the trading platform and trading techniques.

- Complete access to live prices.

- Outstanding rebates conditions for Introducing Brokers.

- A partnership with Trust FX will allow you to make more profits than with any other competitor.

- While you are generating a high revenues based on the volume of your clients, Trust FX will handle the back office servicing your clients.

* Trust FX provides commission rebates monthly or every 3 months depend on our partner's wishes.

* Trust FX provides traders with unbeatable trading conditions, thus ensuring client satisfaction.

* Easy-to-use trading station platform.

* Exceptional trader education and personalized customer service.

* You can feel confident knowing you've partnered with an industry leader.

* IBs with a significant client base, Trust FX can customize our trading platform; offer you joint marketing opportunities; sales support, lead generation, online reporting, and tracking tools, and much more.

 * Quick and efficient account opening process for your clients.



Please feel free to contact Trust FX at any time with inquiries of how we may suit the needs of your IB and your foremost, your clients’ needs.